Core Knowledge Curriculum

Rocklin Academy Preschool

Our organization has made it a priority to put the needs of our families in the forefront by offering a high quality preschool program conveniently located at the Rocklin Academy Gateway campus. The preschool will operate on the same calendar as the Rocklin Academy schools. The preschool will offer a 3 hour class for children ages 3-4 years. The Rocklin Academy’s Preschool program is a separate entity, fee-based program, which is available to all RA families and the community. Acceptance into preschool does not provide any preference for enrollment into any of our TK-12 charter schools.

Rocklin Academy Preschool educates our young learners with the academic enrichment of the Core Knowledge Preschool Curriculum. This program is designed to correlate with the Core Knowledge Sequence for grades K-8. The curriculum provides a solid, coherent foundation for the content that children will encounter in kindergarten. In addition, it offers practical steps towards the Core Knowledge Foundation’s goal of promoting greater excellence and fairness while challenging our young learners with positive experiences and outcomes. Your child will participate in developmentally appropriate early childhood educational activities including:

Early Language Skills: Alphabet, Phonemic Awareness, Letter Recognition, Reading

Social and Emotional Development: Social Skills, Problem Solving and Work Habits

Literacy Development: Story and Factual Reading, Story Telling, and Nursery Rhymes

Science: Hands-on Activities and Experiments

Math: Numbers, Recognition/Writing Numbers, Counting, and Addition/Subtraction

Music: Singing, Listening, Moving to Music

Art: Creating Art through Different Mediums, Self-Expression/Creativity

Gross and Fine Motor Development: Engineering, Building, and Hand Writing Skills

Physical Well Being: Sense of Self and Others, Self Confidence, and Working in Groups

History and Geography: Orientation in Time and Space, Basic Concepts, Important People in History

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